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Cold Caps

Scalp Cooling for Hair Loss

At VERONICA'S HAIRSHOPPE, we specialize in helping cancer patients maintain the health of their hair throughout treatment. Designed specifically with the needs of chemo patients in mind, our Polar Scalp Cooling Caps help prevent hair loss and promote new growth.

Discovering Scalp Cooling

Veronica discovered cold caps through a friend who was undergoing chemo. Her friend had heard of the caps but decided not to use them and eventually lost her hair. Intrigued, Veronica decided to do a little research, ultimately contacting a manufacturer to create a solution that cooled to -30 degrees. Though our cool caps are not medical devices, they are immensely helpful for anyone looking to prevent chemo-related hair loss.

Doctor-Approved Caps

Our innovative cooling caps have allowed us to help a wide variety of clients regain their hair. One of our most notable clients was a medical doctor going through chemo treatments. After visiting our salon for a wig, the doctor scheduled 18 weeks of cool cap sessions. Prior to starting her sessions, she met with Dr. Surgie Moto, who gave approval for the treatment.

Over the past 5 years, Veronica has worked alongside medical professionals to ensure the safety and efficacy of her cooling sessions. This includes Dr. Hough Allen, a gynecological oncologist who served as her mentor.

Success Stories

The goal of scalp cooling is to help you lessen hair loss throughout the chemo process. For one of our clients, Heather Harmor, our cooling sessions were incredibly successful. With the help of our cold caps, she regained more than 65% of her hair. Her coworkers didn't even realize she had been sick.

How It Works

Polar Scalp Cooling Caps are designed for people undergoing chemotherapy. We offer both in-salon treatments and a monthly rental program for those who prefer at-home sessions. Our salon sessions last 2 hours, allowing time for both prep and infusion. Though individual results may vary, studies have shown that scalp cooling is effective for 75% of chemo patients.

At-Home Cooling

Going through chemo is exhausting, and we understand if you can't make it to the salon for a cooling session. With this in mind, we offer at-home scalp cooling kits that come with 6 caps and 12 cooling gel packs that can be adjusted for comfort. There are no uncomfortable chin straps, so you can relax during the process.

In addition to your caps and gel packs, each kit comes with detailed instructions. For the best results, we recommend doing one session prior to each chemo treatment and another one afterwards. Be sure to have someone by your side to assist you with the session. If you have any questions or concerns about the scalp cooling process, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Ordering & Payment

Our cold cap kits are available for rent on a monthly basis. With month-by-month payments, you don't have to worry about being locked into a contract. For you convenience, our scalp cooling caps can be shipped anywhere in Canada.