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Cold Caps

Scalp Cooling for Hair Loss

I have experience in educating and helping clients undergoing chemotherapy maintain the health of their hair and helping reduce hairloss throughout chemotherapy treatment. I offer Polar Scalp Cooling Caps that will help reduce hairloss and protect hair follicles.

Doctor-Approved Caps

Our innovative cooling caps have allowed us to help a wide variety of clients regain their hair. One of our most notable clients was a medical doctor who was undergoing chemotherapy treatments. After visiting my salon for a wig, the Dr. Heather Harmar scheduled sessions every Friday for 18 weeks of cold cap therapy for chemotherapy. Prior to starting her sessions, she met with Dr. Sugimoto from the London House Science Center, who gave approval for the cald cap treatment.

I have worked alongside medical professionals to ensure the safety and  efficacy of the cooling sessions.  Over the past 5 years, I have been supported by Dr. Hugh Allen a retired, well-known gynecological oncologist. Dr. Hugh Allen mentored me and believed in my project from the beginning. A Special thank you to Dr. Hugh Allen for his continued support.

How It Works

Polar Scalp Cooling Caps are designed for people undergoing chemotherapy who want to reduce hairloss and retain the integrity of the hair follicle. Though individual results may vary, studies have shown that scalp cooling is effective for 75% of chemotherapy patients.

Ordering & Payment

Payment options available and shipping via United States and Canada.