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Wigs & Hairpieces

Custom Wigs & Hairpieces

Hairloss is often frustrating and finding a solution can be difficult. At VERONICA'S HAIRSHOPPE, I offer custom made wigs and hairpieces fitted and measured to individual needs. My wigs are made with only the finest, natural human hair. Premium grade, hand-crafted human hair lace wigs for versatility of style. Your hair is unique. With a custom wig you will most certainly feel and always look great.

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Creating Wigs & Hairpieces

We work with you to create a truly customized wig or hairpiece. During this process, we customize texture, length, and even the base of the wig in order to give a natural look and feel. In order to achieve this, we hand-inject and tie all of our wigs. Each and every hair is deftly injected into the base of the wig, giving you a more natural, free-flowing end result. Additionally, there are no elastics or preformed caps, so you can wear your wig or hairpiece for hours without discomfort or never taking it off.

Due to the personalized nature of this service, our wigs and hairpieces take about 10 weeks to complete. All customized wigs require a consultation with a sitting where a mold is made.

Attachment Styles

As with every aspect of our wigs and hairpieces, attachment systems can be customized. Some clients prefer a system that is never taken off, while others want a specific attachment for removing wigs and pieces. For your comfort, we offer an extensive variety of attachment choices.

About Our Wigs

While we offer an array of hair services, working with individuals who have lost their hair or are dealing with thinning hair. All of our wigs are custom fitted and formulated to meet the exact hair replacement needs of each individual client. Our wigs and hairpieces are also created with the highest quality, 100% human hair. We've even been recognized by the Canadian Cancer Society for our wigs.